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Oct 10, 2022
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I am looking for advice. I am 67 and I have a 98 valkyrie tour bike ( aprox. 72,000 miles). Due to a a leg injury last year, and a back injury this spring I did not get it out until late this summer. It was leaking gas when I started it. It is in the shop. Shop tells me the carbs are varnished and some seals need replacing ($1200). It has always been a little big for me, at 5' 6" I need to be on my toes when I stop, so I have been thinking of selling it for a couple of years. I am in St. Cloud MN, the bike is at shop (Percision motorsports, St. Joseph). I am wondering what to do with it? if I get it fixed what is it worth? If I don't fix it, what is it worth?


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