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Oct 10, 2021
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Hello, I am in the proces of desmog, a 2000 tourer California model, Looking for confirmation that parts removed/holes plugged are correct. See pic below. 1 to airbox. Plug airbox 2 to purge lines. Plug there or at each carb. 3 to #3 intake. Plug 3 hose #11 to 3rd carb by fuel bowl. Plug 4 to #4 intake. Plug 5 to Evap can(not shown but removed). 6 to #6 intake. Plug . Installing non-vacume petcock Not shown #10 hose to petcock, Hose from evap can to fuel tank vent. Both removed. Plug 6 holes on heads Can i remove the #6 carb vent heses and turn down the T's or should leave um connected. Is that it? having trouble using search . Comes back no results found. New to site. Thanks in advance to anyone who chimes in.
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